Pre-Schoolers Learn Social Skills to Set Them up for Life


Vision AfriKa pre-school learners in classSince joining Vision AfriKa’s Ikhaya pre-primary school at the start of the year, a fresh intake of first-timers have learned a raft of new social skills that will help see them through life.

When the 17 two-and-a-half year olds first came to the crèche, many of them wept bitterly as they were used to being at home with their parents.

To make matters worse, they initially found life here very different. For example, they were not aware that they should greet their teachers when they arrived in the morning and say “goodbye” when they left.

They also had to learn to ask permission to go to the toilet and to wait their turn if necessary as well as to say their prayers before every meal.

Some likewise struggled to identify personal possessions such as their bags and shoes – and even the colour of the table at which they sat – while others found it hard to lift their legs during activities because their gross motor skills were not yet properly developed.

But a few months on and everyone has made huge progress in learning these important social skills that will stand each of the learners in good stead when they become adults.

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