Playing Paintball to Win in Jonkershoek

An afternoon of playing paintball has taught a group of Vision Afrika Vlottenburg learners the value of teamwork and protecting each other’s backs.


The event, which took place last Friday, was held at Paintball Passion in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, just outside of Stellenbosch.

The aim of the outing was to encourage the Grade 10 students to work together as a team and to learn to support each other when under pressure.

On arriving at the site, the students were split up into two teams of five people, who then played against each other. The goal was to eliminate members of the other group from the competition by hitting them with a paintball shot from a gun.

The learners moved around in pairs with one shooting at the other team and the other protecting them. The winners were those with the most people left ‘alive’ at the end.

Although a number of the students were initially a bit nervous about the game, by the end of the second one they found it an eye-opening experience. Gaynonisiee Beukus explained: “I had to protect my team mates because we have to care for each other. Without that caring, the outing wouldn’t have any value.”Others felt that the game showed the importance of never giving up, even in uncomfortable situations, and of learning to adapt quickly to a new set of circumstances.

[email protected] is the contact person for more info about the VisionV 10’s

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  1. Daniel

    We often play paintball in our university. It really shows how important is to be a part of one team to win the game!

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