Peer Learning is Best Find Vision AfriKa Staff

The most effective way to improve at your job is to learn from peers with complementary skill sets, a group of Vision AfriKa facilitators has developed.

The educational development NGO’s staff gained the insight during a half-day training event at the end of March. The session was provided by volunteers Ad and Marjan , a married couple from the Netherlands, in order to enhance participants’ facilitation skills.

To this end, they introduced a seven-step programme called “Intervision”, which encouraged each member of the group of 10 to celebrate their existing strengths, improve on them and even discover new ones with the help of colleagues.


The seven core principles of the scheme are:

1 Write down your learning goal in context

2 Co-workers ask you questions about your learning goal

3 Write down the questions, but do not answer them

4 Reformulate your learning goal based on the questions, if desired

5 Write down any advice received from colleagues as to your learning goal

6 Choose the advice you believe to be relevant to your learning goal

7 Devise a work plan for how to achieve your learning goal taking this advice into consideration.


A key learning from the day was that each team member possesses different strengths and qualities to their peers, which in turn creates lots of opportunities for people to learn from each other.

As a result, the aim is to continue with the initiative at Vision AfriKa on an ongoing basis.


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