Parents meeting

The parent meeting was held at Vision on 3 June 2012.

The meeting began by welcoming all parents that were present. Parents were invited to this meeting to discuss the progress VisionK is making with the kids. Parents were then given information by the coodinators on what has been done so far and what the plans were for the next term.

Positive feedback was received from parents about the outcomes or results they see from their kids from participating in the VisionK programmes. They expressed great respect and appreciation for the support VisionK offers to their kids. Parents were encouraged to also be committed in supporting their kids academically as the parent’s involvement in their children’s education improves not only the children’s behaviour and the programme attendance but also positively affects the child’s achievements. Parents were then requested to talk freely and express their grievances/suggestions.
The meeting led to a number of suggestions from parents, one being a selection of parent committee to be able to work in partnership and to improve relationships and understanding between VisionK and parents. The suggestion was welcomed and the parent committee was elected. It was then asked if VisionK was open to the idea of allowing parents who may have skills to offer to the kids on a voluntary basis. There were a few concerns from the parents on the security measures on kids when using the internet whether the kids were supervised to prevent them from using prohibited sites. Parents were ensured that there are strict rules that the kids have to adhere to regarding the use of computers and if one fail to comply with those rules there are consequences.

Visionk looks forward to working closely with the parents. Meeting adjourned and snacks were served.

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