Online Learning Is a Hit in Enhancing Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Vision AfriKa online learning sessionOnline learning packages are proving a boon in encouraging Vision AfriKa learners to boost their literacy and numeracy skills.

On the literacy side, the educational development NGO’s 202 four and five year olds have been using “Reading Eggs’ for the first time since the first week of February.

Although some learners were afraid of starting out as they had never worked on a computer before, over time their confidence has improved greatly and they are no longer scared of using a mouse or of making mistakes.

Reading Eggs proved a popular choice because it builds up learners’ English reading and comprehension skills at their own pace by using phonics and fun grammar exercises in the form of games, songs and other activities.

The students can access the scheme either at school or home and, once a lesson is complete, they can repeat it as many times as they like. They also receive a certificate after successfully completing a quiz at the end of each module and an individual record is kept of their progress.

Another equally popular new online initiative is “Mathletics”. This application was first introduced to students from Grade R to Grade 3 in June 2014.

It enables learners not only do undertake their own personal maths-related tasks, but also to play live games with their classmates, or even other students from around the world.

As a result, they need to learn to think quickly as everyone is given only a limited timescale to complete a task. But the hope is that they will all continue to love maths just as much as they do now.

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