No challenge too big…

The recipe: An energetic group of 28 participants from diverse backgrounds, a whole weekend and a campsite nestled in the vineyards at the foot of Simonsberg, (10km outside Stellenbosch).
This was the backdrop for our first engagement with the new grade 10 Vlottenburg group. The weekend was all about gaining trust, enhanced relationships, and shared glimpses of personal lives. The young people had to learn the benefits of teamwork and cooperating in groups to achieve their goals.
The learners were challenged to think critically about their journey towards their dreams. They took part in an obstacle course that covered several hours, and many overcame their fears with these very challenging obstacles. Some participants cried and wanted to give up, but courage kicked in and they accomplished the obstacles! The team activities were challenging even for the boldest of learners.
There was a positive attitude prevailing at the camp, which assures a promising year of goal setting and planning for success. The camp experience built confidence and unity in the Vision V grade 10 group!
The group are comprised of many promising learners, and they all have great potential. The participants were challenged by various outdoor activities, and learned how these challenges reflect the reality of their personal lives. The learners embarked on planning their lives for the future despite coming from disadvantaged communities.
Tired smiles leaving the campsite on Sunday, held the promise of youth ready to face the obstacles that may come their way. The year promises to be exciting and full of learning, growing, and energy!
Neil Fortuin and Karen Sylvester

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