Mock job interviews prepare Vision 11s for future employment

Vision AfriKa held two rounds of mock interviews with its Grade 11 learners 12/09/2017 in order to help them experience first-hand the rigours of job-hunting.

The group of 11 learners were informed that a new post of Grade nine facilitator at the educational development NGO had opened up, for which they were eligible to apply. To do so, they were required to dress professionally, submit a CV and go before a panel of four unknown student volunteers.

Each learner was then provided with feedback as to their performance, with most showing themselves to be confident and even asking questions of their interviewers. A shortlist was also drawn up for the second interview stage.

The aim of the second interview was to further test the learners’ ability to operate under pressure. The 15 shortlisted candidates were told to dress appropriately and to prepare themselves as well as possible.

The first task they were assigned was to undertake a writing exercise before giving a speech to their peers based on the subject they had written about. But on entering the interview room, each applicant was also asked to perform a task chosen by the judges, to the best of their abilities.

The aim was to take the learners out of their comfort zone and make them think on their feet by having to improvise in front of an audience. All of the learners completed their tasks successfully.

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