Local farm trip teaches VA learners the value of agriculture

Vision AfriKa learners at Sandringham Farm in Stellenbosch

An outing to the Agri-Expo livestock exhibition at Sandringham Farm in Stellenbosch has taught a group of young Vision AfriKa learners about different kinds of farm animals and how to care for them.

Some of the 25 Early Childhood Development students had previously only ever seen such creatures in pictures and books. But during the trip, they learned why agriculture is so important after making the connection between animals and food in some cases for the first time.

The learners, who were aged between four and five years old, also found out which animals produced what meat and by-products such as milk and wool, which in turn, they discovered, could be used to make clothes. Insights were also provided into possible careers in the sector such as being a farmer or vet as well as the importance of caring for nature, which includes trees and plants.

Finally, the students were given safety instructions and told what to do in case of fire. Each one was also given the opportunity to sit inside a fire engine in order to see how it worked.

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