It’s All in the (Study) Technique, Find Vision 11s

An experiential session based around a couple of new study methods has demonstrated to Vision AfriKa Vlottenburg’s Vision 11s just how easy learning can be.

The aim of the lesson, the last of the first term, was to demonstrate a number of different approaches that can be used by learners to make studying easier than simply cramming at the last minute. During the session, members of the Grade 11 group were asked to study a text within a limited timeframe for further discussion later. The text was divided into three separate paragraphs – the first consisted of only two lines, the second of four and the third of five.

On being given one minute to read the first section, the students were relatively composed. When they were assigned a further minute to read the second hand-out, however, they were less sanguine and started to search out quiet areas to study away from the main group. 

By the time, they were given the third paragraph to read, panic had started to set in in some cases. Nonetheless, during the discussion that followed, learners were asked to share what they could remember.

While most could initially only recall fragments of the tale, techniques such as ‘brain-mapping’, which consists of an easy way to break down all facts and headings, were really helpful. Getting the learners to summarise what they could recollect of the story and to give its gist also proved useful.

In the end, as a result of the new learning techniques, everyone made a valid contribution to the group effort and the story came together nicely, in what was a positive way to end the term.

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