Irish Visit Helps Boost International Relations

Vision AfriKa Kayamandi’s Grade 10 learners were visited by a group of Irish students during last week’s session, which focused on the subject of self-esteem.

The nine Irish learners had come to Stellenbosch in order to meet members of the youth development organisation and further develop the special relationship between their school and it.

Vision AfriKa’s work is seen as a positive example of community development, which is useful to the Irish students’ studies, while South Africa and its history are considered to be an interesting case study of a developing nation.

Their teacher, Tom Broderick, also has a long-standing association with Vision AfriKa and has already been to its headquarters at the Ikhaya Trust Centre on three previous occasions.

During their time in Stellenbosch, the Irish learners attended one of a two-part, Grade 10 session on self-esteem, which, among other things, explored who the most inspirational person in each learners’ life was and why.

Choices ranged from former South African president and national icon, Nelson Mandela, to current US president, Barack Obama.

The aim of the exercise was to help learners understand that their future was in their own hands and, in order to achieve their goals, they had to put themselves first.

The next exercise saw the Grade Coordinator show the class a magic box. Everyone was keen to know what was inside and took it in turns to take a look.

On seeing the mirror within, each learner’s face broke into a big smile, but they had to keep the box’s contents secret until everyone had had a chance to view them.

The aim of the activity was to remind everyone that they are unique and special, even if they are not on TV and do not have everything that money can bay


By the end of the session, it was clear that the entire group’s levels of self-esteem had risen, especially those who had previously been afraid to speak up in class.

As a result, the Vision AfriKa learners challenged the Irish students to a singing competition, in which each group had to prepare a song and perform it for the others. Everyone really enjoyed the fun and the session ended on a high, leading to a marked improvement in international relations.

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