International Students Keep Vision AfriKa Learners Active during Holidays

Vision AfriKa tutor and learners group photoInternational students from the University of Stellenbosch have been running a holiday programme for Vision AfriKa’s learners in order to keep them active and entertained during the break.

The 10-day programme, which started at the end of June, is targeted at high school children of all ages as well as members of the educational development NGO’s after-care group.

Some 13 University students who come from countries ranging from the US, Singapore and the Netherlands are providing activities in four key areas: arts and crafts; music; life skills and sports.

The students hold two one-hour sessions each day, one for the high school learners and one for the after-care children who are both divided into four groups respectively. During every session, each group takes part in two sets of half-hour activities, which include things like playing soccer with their hands rather than their feet in order to make it more fun.

An average of about 25 learners attend each day and are happy to stick to the rules agreed between themselves and the University students. These are:

  • Always respect others
  • No arriving late
  • No using your mobile phone; and finally
  • Enjoy the programme.

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