Intaka Island visit teaches Vision 8s the value of conserving natural resources

A visit to Intaka Island by a group of Vision AfriKa learners has taught them about natural resources, how to conserve them and how precious they are for all of us.

Intaka Island, which is located in Century City just outside of Cape Town, is a wetlands and bird sanctuary in the middle of an urban environment that is home to 177 species of indigenous fynbos plants and 120 bird species.

The Grade 8 students who visited the Island at the start of October, were divided into four groups and given a tour around the island by boat. They were introduced to different types of native birds and shown a number of different plants and trees and their medicinal uses, which are fed using recycled sewage water.

The students were also taught how electricity is generated, how it is transmitted to people’s homes and how they can conserve it. They were likewise shown how to calculate the amount of electricity that their household devices use in watt terms, the negative impact that coal generation has on the environment and different ways to generate electricity from renewable sources.

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