Ice-skating Trip Generates “Can-do” Attitude in Vision 9s

An ice-skating trip to Cape Town has helped a group of Vision AfriKa’s Grade 9 learners develop more of a “can-do” attitude to life. The end-of-term outing to the GrandWest casino and entertainment venue was kept a secret until the last minute, but its discovery filled the students from Kayamandi township with lots of excitement.

Before entering the ice rink, they were all reminded of the educational development NGO’s six keywords and asked to apply them to the forthcoming experience. These comprise:

Vision AfriKa learners at ice skating rink–         Dreams: each learner has them

–         Potential: each learner has  potential

–         Targets: each learner needs to set them

–         Obstacles: each learner will always meet them

–         Support: each learner will always get it from Vision AfriKa

–         Responsibility:  each learner needs to take it for themselves.

On entering the ice, the students initially followed each other around until they became more used to the activity. Some wanted to quit as they found it too hard, but encouragement and pep talks from their peers meant that they all stuck with it in the end.

Within 10 minutes, some learners were able to stand up straight without clinging to the wall, while others fell over continually but still got up and managed to carry on.

By the end, however, they all enjoyed the experience to such an extent that they did not want to leave – although games followed by dinner proved to be a big incentive.

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