HIV/Aids. A boring topic?

Some might say that HIV is an old topic of no interest to the youth of South Africa.
Vision AfriKa (in partnership with the Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management ( ) proved that talking and knowing about HIV/Aids is still relevant and nowhere close to boring…

A jam packed Trust Centre in Kayamandi was introduced to the character Lucky. His actions as a “player” (and the consequences thereof) became the backdrop of a story dealing with healthy lifestyle choices, consequences, discrimination and rejection…

The play furthermore emphasized the importance of knowing your status. It is a good thing to do for yourself and your partner while the importance of proper protection was also raised…
The Vision AfriKa youth were elated when Lucky’s story did not end in despair. He became an activist going around educating people about HIV/Aids. Most of the youth agreed that they would also like to see their community changed for the better as with this story…
As a first step nearly all Vision AfriKa learners were tested for HIV/AIDS.

Below are comments from the kids about the show:
“This show was about HIV&AIDS, and it was so amazing I learnt a lot of things such as: It is important to know your status and you don’t have to be ashamed you must speak out. Even me I decided that after the show I must get tested so that I can know my status.” (Mava)

“I learnt today that condoms are very important to be used so that we can be safe. If you are HIV&AIDS affected you can live longer if you use your medication wisely…..”

“What I have learned from the play is that no matter how many partners you have, what matters a lot is: Who have you slept with and the question is have you used protection?” (Asanda)

Zukisa Xegwana-Grade 11 programme coordinator


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