Grade 8 Recruitment Campaign is Big Success

Vision AfriKa has just completed its latest successful campaign to recruit 40 Grade 8s into its annual, holistic educational programme.

The programme helps Grade 8 to Grade 12 learners from historically disadvantaged communities in the Stellenbosch area to fulfil their potential by supporting them in their personal growth and development.

As a result, two facilitators and five interns visited the Makupula and Kayamandi high schools at the end of January in order to give a presentation to a total of 250 students on what the initiative entails as well as its benefits in both academic and personal terms.

 At Makupula, after the Grade 8s had lined up in the schoolyard, the facilitators grabbed their attention by comparing Vision AfriKa to a walking stick. In African culture, walking sticks are said to have no purpose unless their owners imbue them with meaning.

In the same way, they explained, the Vision AfriKa programme may be freely available to learners, but it is meaningless unless they use it as a guide to help them grow and develop. The analogy proved to be a useful one in that it made the students think about the programme from a different perspective. The Vision AfriKa team also went to Kaymandi high school the next morning but, with great encouragement from the teachers, visited individual Grade 8 classes rather than presenting to a large group.


A total of 76 learners applied to participate in the programme over the year ahead and 40 have now been selected. The rest will be kept on a reserve list in case of drop-outs.




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