Grade 10 Outing

The winter holiday outing has been the highlight for the Vision AfriKa participants so an outing was organised at the Grandwest Arena to enjoy and have fun at the Ice Rink in Cape Town for the grade 10s both Vision V and Vision K. For many of them this was the first time to experience an ice rink. This was a big challenge as many had to overcome their fears by facing the obstacle of the unknown.

As the Vision V and Vision K walked into the Ice Rink the conditions and vibe was scary and cold but all still motivated to skate. The Vision K and Vision V10s were eager to skate on the Ice rink. In the beginning everyone fell and found it difficult to skate, some almost give up, but persevered and some looked the challenge in the eye and just ran with it.

Most of the boys caught on a little faster than some of the girls. It took them only 30 min to get the technique and posture. They skated like pro’s pumped full of adrenaline. Both Vision V & K could not get enough of the Ice rink even though there was a hard fall or two. The knocks and bumps only seemed to motivate them more.
Success is not failing, but failing to try try again!


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