Gr. 11 CAMP

The Vision K and Vision V Gr. 11’s went camping at the Karmel Campsite in the beautiful mountains of Franchoek on the 14th – 16th of October 2011. The weekend was loaded with fun activities. There are some foot paths to clear your mind and an obstacle course which can boost your physical ability. The boys and girls enjoyed it lot. The theme of the camp was Truths, Lies and Assumptions, with the purpose of discovering the truths, lies and assumptions that are keeping you from reaching your dreams. The other purpose was to build stronger relationships and connect with each other to support each other.

Everyone was enthusiastic and excited and participated in every activity. Although they were exhausted, they begged for more. The camp had a good mix of physical activity (an amazing race, swimming pools and obstacle course), learning (with four sessions structured around truths, lies and assumptions), free time and eating. Vision AfriKa thanks the volunteers, chefs and leaders for the time and energy they invested into making the camp a success.


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