German family gets creative with Vision 2s

A German family visited Vision AfriKa’s Primary School at the start of February and spent a fun-packed day teaching the Grade 2 learners how to create beautiful things in a safe way.

The Hansen family had come from Frankfurt to see Oliver, who has been volunteering at Vision AfriKa for the last year. He was keen to show his mum Renate, his dad Rainer and his sister Katje what he had been doing and so invited them to spend a day in the Kayamandi township and to visit the school. The visitors decided to prepare some fun activities to surprise the students.

When they arrived, they divided the learners up into three groups. The first team, which was supervised by Renate learned how to make soap in different shapes and colours and using a variety of fragrances.

They also learned how to work carefully when hot water is around and to always wear protective gear when working with tools or objects that could burn them. At the end of the session, each bar of soap was gift-wrapped and decorated and the learners were able to take them home to give to their parents.

The second group, which was looked after by Katje, were shown how to create artwork using old CDs, pipe cleaners, corks, wiggly eyes and the like. The Hansens had brought hot glue guns, glue sticks, safety goggles and gloves with them from Germany and showed the students how to use everything safely. The learners were also able to take their creations home to show their parents.

The final team, which was headed by Grade two teacher Jennie van Jaarsveld, were involved in another art project. They drew patterns on pieces of art paper and then transformed them into swirls of colour using aqua pastels lightly brushed with water. The pictures were then used to decorate the notice board in the school’s foyer.

Before they left for the day, the Hansen family also kindly donated most of the resources they had brought to the school.

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