Enthusiasm for Vision 11’s HIV/AIDS Community Event Proves Infectious

The experience of arranging a community event around HIV/AIDS has not only taught a group of Vision AfriKa learners planning and organisational skills but also how to use their own initiative.The Grade 11 students were asked to host an event on a topic relevant to their local community and opted for tackling the “unseen face of HIV/AIDS”.The choice was based on the fact that, although HIV/AIDS is recognised as a deadly disease, the issues surrounding it tend to be brushed under the carpet and not talked about, particularly with young people, for cultural and religious reasons.

Therefore, the aim of the performance, which took place on the afternoon of Saturday 2 November at the Vision AfriKa’s headquarters in the Ikhaya Trust Centre, was to raise awareness of such matters in an entertaining fashion in order to make them easier to digest.

To this end, each Vision AfriKa learner invited 10 of their peers to attend the event, which included dancing and singing, poetry recitals and improvisation, a short drama and a number of guest speakers.

Snacks and drinks were also provided for the 210 people who come along and quickly found themselves infected by the enthusiasm of their hosts.

As for the Grade 11 students, it was the first time that they had ever organised such an occasion, but they developed a number of useful, new skills as a result. These included planning and organisation, using their own initiative and taking full responsibility for a project.

The learners also benefited from gaining a more in-depth understanding of problems within their local community and having an opportunity to look at the issue of HIV/AIDS from a different perspective.

Following the success of the day, the Grade 11s now intend to organise a follow-up session that will explore the issue of human rights.

For more info about the Vk 11s contact [email protected]

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