Dreams Flow from Vision 11s in ‘River of Life’ Exercise

‘River of Life’ was employed as the key theme in a recent Vision AfriKa class to encourage learners to share their hopes and dreams by means of visual presentations. The topic ‘River of Life’ was chosen because acting on one’s goals can alter the course of a life, which just like a river, flows ever onwards.

In order to explore the theme, the Grade 11 students were asked to picture their lives in 2020, where they would like to see themselves, what they would like to have achieved and how they expected to get there. Following a group discussion, each learner was then provided with a blank sheet of paper and given the time, space and necessary resources to fill it. Using the title ‘My River of Life’, each of the 23 students presented their aims to the rest of the group, using the sheet of paper that they had drawn on as a prompt.

Each individual also had their photograph taken for posterity holding their work and they all agreed that seeing their plans on paper was useful. Not only did it make their aims seem more concrete, but it also meant that they were less likely to lose sight of them.

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