Digital Literacy Given Boost by International Fundraising Efforts

Vision AfriKa learners in IT roomVision AfriKa has just doubled the number of computers at its Kayamandi site following a successful European fundraising effort earlier this year.

Jan Doove, the son of Anne-Marie and Jan Doove, whose Foundation in the Netherlands acts as one of the educational organisation’s major sponsors, ran the Rotterdam Marathon in April this year specifically to raise money for the Vision AfriKa.
Funds were also contributed by Netherlands-based charity, Stichting Projekten Zuid-Afrika, which works with partners on educational projects to try and ensure a better future for disadvantaged youth living in South African townships and farms.

This means that Vision AfriKa Kayamandi now has an additional IT lab, which its Grade 8 to 12 learners use on a daily basis to undertake research, complete their school assignments and improve their digital literacy – an increasingly vital skill these days.

Vision AfriKa IT centreThe students are also able to access Khan Academy’s well-respected educational resources online in order to help them with their academic work and use programmes such as Pace Careers to help them make more effective subject and career choices.

Each learner has their own user name and password and is able to log onto any computer in the room in order to access documents held in their own personal folder. This means that they no longer have to use USB sticks, which risk infecting the network.


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