Day Trip to Stellenbosch Broadens Vision Ones’ Horizons

Vision AfriKa learners outside Oom Samie se Winkel in StellenboschA trip to the Botanical Gardens and heritage shop in Stellenbosch has helped to broaden the horizons of Vision AfriKa’s Grade one learners by providing them with new life experiences.

The outing, which took place at the end of April, started off with a trip to “Oom Samie se Winkel” on Dorp Street. It was intended to teach the group of 26 students from the Kayamandi Township about some of the issues around money and shopping.

Oom Samie’s was chosen as the venue because, just like a store in the learners’ English textbook, the shelves had glass jars with sweets in. The staff also allowed the children to browse around in groups of six to look at the old toys, music records, clothes and hats.

But the things that caught their eye most were the stuffed heads of a buffalo and lion on the wall. The verandah outside was also a hit with its old tricycle, garden spades and forks, and pictures were taken of the children sitting beside an old scarecrow on the bench.

The next stop involved a walk across town to the Botanical Garden with its well-kept lawns, beautiful rose garden and lake with water lilies. The aim of this visit was to teach the students about what plants they can eat as food, which included bananas, aubergine, red maize and tomatoes.

They also learnt which plants grow where and why, which fruit and vegetables grow at different times of the years and which plants are poisonous. Using the knowledge gained, the learners have now planted seeds in egg boxes and will assist a staff member from the Botanical Garden in planting a garden at Vision Afrika’s school.

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