Community Outing

Grade 11 Community Outing

In the light of active youth participation in our communities, the grade 11 VisionAfrika youth went to a Dumping site as part of their outing where they found shocking discoveries about the living conditions of average South African citizens. The purpose behind the outing was far from exposing what unpleasant conditions people working in the dump sites were like, but to experience first-hand the impact of waste and air-pollution has on our planet and how it directly affects our economy. The site manager explained to the grade 11´s that the Stellenbosch Dumping site is the third biggest site in South Africa and is left with only few months before it closes down because it has reached its limit. He then showed them the new site which is under construction that costs about R40 million that is due to be paid by the government before it starts to operate. It is predicted that the site will be full in only 4 years. As community work is close to the grade 11 ´s hearts these findings came as a shock as they believe that something can be done to manage waste and curb unnecessary spending of taxpayer’s money.

As means of investigating what can be done to manage waste in our communities, the grade 11’s went to a recycling plant in Parrow where it was explained to them about the various stages each object under goes when recycling and which ones were not recycled such as food and medicine containers. The manager then took them on a tour around the building where plastic is recycled for commercial purposes such as recycling bags and park benches.

After a long day of insightful learning, it was time for the grade 11´s to enjoy their lunch in style. Where they sat in the buss while they eat and chat to each other about the fascinating facts of waste and air-pollution in our communities and how they contribute to the globe as a whole and what one can do to manage their own waste.

The grade 11’s then closed off the day with a fun experience of tenpin bowling at N1 City where the fun of discovering new adventures through education is incorporated with the fun of discovering one’s own strength through play.



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