Stability: Grade 8 & 9

After-school homework space, tutoring, life skills and IT skills development for Grade 8 & 9 learners

After-school care is a major component of this programme. We provide a stable environment to foster a learning culture where guidance and positive peer pressure help improve academic results.

Regular activities

  • After-school study and homework.
  • Tutoring for various subjects.
  • Specific life-skills modules concerned with effective study methods.
  • Computer literacy.

The grade 8 & 9 programme marks the beginning of a 5 year-journey where students begin planning for their future. Integral to this process is a continuous career path guidance programme.

An on-site, qualified pastoral therapist and auxiliary social worker spearhead psycho-social interventions. This ensures the expedient availability of counselling and statutory services to youth when needed. The psycho-social services component also extends Vision AfriKa’s circle of influence into the youths’ houses and communities.

Camp and excursions

In addition to the weekly sessions, a camp is held at the beginning of the grade 9 year. The camp is packed with structured physical activities (and a minimum of formal classroom-type sessions) thus ensuring that learners acquire new skills whilst having fun. Many personal fears are faced and overcome, as the outdoor obstacle courses and other teamwork activities challenge even the boldest of learners. Each activity is debriefed and applied to life contexts. The experience is always very positive, leading to greater unity and momentum through the rest of the year.

Learners also have the opportunity to participate in “edutainment” outings, including a regular trip to Intaka Island for Grade 8s and an ice skating excursion for Grade 9s.