Readiness: Grade 12

Academic tutoring, preparation for tertiary education and employability skills for Grade 12 learners.

This programme coincides with learners’ final year of high school. The focus is on academics, future studies, careers, and employability.

Activities include:

  • Academic tutoring (both electronic and in person) – sessions are held through the year to discuss motivation, success and failure, role models, goal setting and planning. We measure individual progress throughout the year. Learners also have the opportunity to work through study guides and join exam study groups.
  • Academic institutions and bursaries – we encourage learners to gain information on different institutions and bursary sources, and they also get help with with applications to tertiary institutions. Time spent participating in community work during the previous grade 11 year is translated into a monetary value that’s used to fund application and registration fees at tertiary institutions. Dependency issues are curbed by this practice as it creates a sense of self-achievement.
  • Employability skills – tutoring to improve interview skills, CV writing, office administration, communication, management and ethical conduct.