Life Skills: Grades 10 & 11

Life skills programme for grades 10 & 11 in Kayamandi

The main aim of the programme is to help learners make better lifestyle choices and break free from self-defeating thought patterns.

Facilitation happens at a 3-hour weekly meeting, with the main group often splitting up into smaller groups for in-depth discussions.

Example topics that are covered:

  • Intra- and interpersonal skills: self esteem, self image, communication, problem solving, conflict and team work.
  • Relevant themes: peer pressure, drugs & alcohol, sex & relationships and HIV/AIDS.
  • Basic skills training: computer literacy, use of library resources, CV writing, English proficiency and public speaking.
  • Career guidance.
  • Study methods and relevance of learning.
  • Balanced lifestyle and sport participation.
  • Value systems: ethics, morality and spirituality.
  • Through experiential learning, youth learn the basics of planning and managing. This is acquired through:
  • Being a mentor to younger children in the community
  • Computer literacy and proficiency
  • Project management
  • Keeping meeting minutes
  • Doing action research
  • Developing listening and conflict management skills

In addition to the weekly group meetings, there are periodic edutainment outings. This includes a Table Mountain trip for Grade 10s and an Amazing Race adventure for Grade 11s.