An ‘Amazing Race’ provides career guidance for Vision 11s

Learners in outdoors group activity

An orienteering trip to Cape Town has enabled a group of Vision AfriKa learners to find out more about possible career options while having fun at the same time.

The 28 Grade 11 students taking part in the ‘Amazing Race’ were divided into three teams. In order to help them get to know the Mother City better and to learn how to follow directions, they were tasked with finding locations across Cape Town via clues posted on the WhatsApp mobile messaging service. These spots ranged from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, the Company’s Garden near the South African Parliament and the Holocaust Centre.

On discovering the intended site, the learners’ first step was to take a picture of themselves with a mobile phone in order to prove they were there. Then they had to complete a designated activity in order to win another clue to help them find the next location. These activities included interviewing workers at each location about their jobs in order to learn more about their roles.

The winners of the challenge won some chocolates, and the entire group finished off with a hearty meal at the Hungry Lion fried chicken fast food chain.


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