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"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."
- Nelson Mandela

Our formal teaching and informal support programmes are designed to help young people overcome the socio-economic obstacles they face on a daily basis. We don't believe in handouts, but we do care very deeply about providing opportunities for our learners to work hard and realise their potential.

We teach our learners to dream big and set goals beyond just building careers and making money. We encourage them to take action so that those dreams may become a reality. And we help them understand that the secret to success lies in each of them taking responsibility for their own future

Target group: young people aged 2-22.

Registration: non-profit organisation (N.P.O. 035-766) and public benefit organisation (PBO 930 023 873)

Geographical location: Kayamandi and Vlottenburg, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

Where it all began

Vision AfriKa was established in 2004 by Deane Hill and Ben & Unathi Loos to support the youth of Kayamandi.

Initially called Vision K, we changed our name to Vision AfriKa in 2011 to allow room for expansion to other geographical areas. We currently operate in Kayamandi and Vlottenburg.

The early child development programme (ECD) and aftercare were previously run by The Greater Stellenbosch Development trust (GSDT), which was established in 2002 in Kayamandi. Both Vision AfriKa and the GSDT were based in the Trust Centre in Kayamandi.

The educational projects of Vision AfriKa and the GSDT complemented one another. The GSDT focused on younger children from pre-school onwards whereas Vision AfriKa initially focused on high-school youth from grade 8 to 12. As resources and skills for a comprehensive programme of child and youth development are scarce, both organisations started working together as partners in 2010. This eventually resulted in Vision AfriKa taking over the GSDT programmes in 2014.

Our Values

Our programmes are relationship driven and built on these important values.

Take responsibility

We are guided by a sense of personal responsibility, which we also instil in our partners (educators) and ultimately our beneficiaries (learners).


Through our daily interactions we seek to encourage each other to make the most of available opportunities and live inspirational lives.

Unleash potential

Our mission is to encourage personal growth through nurturing potential and creating equal opportunities to develop for staff, educators and beneficiaries alike.

Have fun

Doing serious work should not preclude happiness, fun and laughter. Besides, to paraphrase Walt Disney: "It's kind of fun to do what others think impossible!"


We regularly work with local partners who have relevant expertise that can add value to our programmes. Both our partners and sponsors make it possible for us to run Vision AfriKa and inspire our children to dream. We cannot thank you enough.
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  • Adamstown Community College
  • Brille En Pille
  • Cape Town Candidate Attorney's Association
  • Claude Leon Foundation
  • Click Foundation  
  • Cluver Markotter
  • Community Chest of the Western Cape
  • Department of Social Development - AC
  • Department of Social Development - ECD
  • DG Murray Trust
  • Distell
  • ENS Africa
  • Fynbos Kapitaal
  • Het Jan Marais Nationale Fonds
  • Kaap Agri
  • King Baudouin Foundation
  • Macias Restis Charitable Trust
  • Marie Stander School of Arts
  • The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund - visit The National Lotteries Board website to find out about other projects supported by the NLDTF
  • Skynet
  • Stargrow Kwekery
  • Stellenbosch Municipality
  • Stichting  Hart voor Kinderen
  • Stichting Projecten Zuid Afrika
  • Stichting VA Europe
  • The Learning Trust
  • The U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Programme
  • Timbercity (Stellenbosch)
  • True South
  • Vineyard Dublin
  • Western Cape Education Department
  • Wir Helfen Kinderen in der Dritten Welt / Sakh'Ikamva
  • World Design Capital

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