Irish students play games to get to know Vision 11s better

Irish students from a school in Adamstown, Dublin, visited Vision AfriKa a couple of weeks ago in order to strengthen the special relationship between the two organisations.

Irish teacher Tom Broderick has a long-standing association with the educational development NGO and has visited its headquarters at the Ikhaya Trust Centre in Kayamandi on four previous occasions, including this visit.

Vision AfriKa’s work provides the Irish learners with a positive example of community development in action, while South Africa and its history also offers them an interesting case study of a developing nation.

During the visit, eight Irish students spent time with the NGO’s Grade 11 learners. The focus of the sessions they attended was Crisis Identity, which was intended to help students see how well they really knew their friends and peers.

As a result, the learners were divided into groups of four. Each member had to write a secret word on a piece of paper to describe themselves, but the depiction had to be out of the ordinary such as a superhero or an animal. They then folded up their paper and dropped it into a box.

Once this exercise was complete, a student from each group selected a piece of paper, read it aloud twice and then picked someone that they thought matched the description. If they got it right, the person chosen joined their group, but if they got it wrong, they joined the selected learner’s group instead. The team with the largest number of members at the end won and the teachers also joined in with the activity.

The session proved to be an excellent way for both learners and teachers to get to know each other better. It closed with the Vision AfriKa learners singing a rousing song for their visitors, ending things on a high note.


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